Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sides of Thought

I never dream of having my own children yet. Doesn't mean I hate children. I only think that I'm not ready yet. For me, my children are the everything. Even more. Well, I just consider a statement of a blogger who said that she hoped to have a gay kid of her own, to love him and give him happy life.

I know, she wrote that on her blog because she considered the unfair treatment on a gay kid. Although in the other side, I understand that parents wants their children to grow with good sexual orientation. I can not judge anyone of them.

Reading that post reminds me of the judgment by some parents which was caused by their mindset, their knowledge about what they call truth, but they forgot about unconditional love of parents, which should accept their children in any condition, and help their kids in process to be better. It's similar with things happened around me lately. No, it's not about gay or lesbian. It's about acceptance and treatment. Sometimes I see that even they who have different belief can treat their family and children better, because they still have love. Not only rule and punishment. Although I know, there isn't perfect parent. Impulsively, finally I remember about the story of a good Samaritan.


  1. Hi Mur.. gay kids tuh maksudnya anak2 dari pasangan gay?

    Aku baru relaunch blog lagi nih mampir2 yah kalo sempet.. hehehe thanks :)

  2. Hai juga Na.. Oh, bukan. Sori kalo ada kesalahan pembeberan/milih kata. maklum, gw sambil blajar juga, si.. hehe.. Maksud gw, anak itu sendiri yg gay (remaja 14 thn msh bisa disebut 'kid' kan ya?).

    OK, gw pasti mampir ;)